Welcome to the hardest quiz ever: The Impossible Quiz. This game is almost impossible. We have had to participate in a very special competition, where there are no television cameras or groups, only a silly stupid questions and our answers. Do not let the game take you for a fool and be able to answer the questions you propose gimmicky … the truth can be thought at least!

Surely this is a game that happen absurd questions one after another. Do not try to look for a logical sense because many times your answers will be most absurd. The bad, the quiz is in English so if you do not master the language, do not even try.

This is a logic game that borders between the difficult and the impossible standards that skips and makes continuous games and “metagames’ word … many are resolved by interpreting the question literally. Apart from that need a lot of imagination, know some English … or be doomed to failure. It is, in short, a very complicated by qualifying it with a suitable word game.

It should take a look at the instructions before to understand a couple of important details (how to “pass” questions and questions with limited time). There is also a light version in The Impossible Quiz – Lite. At the time I did not get to go beyond question # 15 after ten games, but we wrote that people had come to the # 41 and beyond. At the start accounts with “three lives” and can get some wild cards.
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